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Credentialing & Peer Review Legal Insider

Avoid the pitfalls that can lead to compromised patient safety, regulatory noncompliance, liability, lawsuits, and bad publicity.

Credentialing & Peer Review Legal Insider gives busy medical staff professionals like you the information they need to initiate and maintain best practices in credentialing, privileging, and peer review. CPRLI will help you:

  • Keep politics and partisanship out of the peer review process
  • Ensure that your facility’s credentialing and privileging mechanisms exceed regulatory standards
  • Protect all parties from potential lawsuits while maintaining a focus on patient safety

Do your job even better, faster, and with less risk!

Recent legal and regulatory developments have made the data-collection process for peer review and credentialing more complex than ever. In just eight time-saving pages per month, CPRLI covers:

  • Updates and interpretation of federal regulations such as:
    • EMTALA • Stark laws • Antitrust laws • HIPAA •
  •  The latest available information from The Joint Commission, NCQA, DNV and other accrediting agencies
  • Compliance advice from leading staffing and credentialing experts, and from attorneys who specialize in medical staff and healthcare issues
  • Practical, adaptable sample tools you can use as models for your own:
    • policies and procedures • physician contracts • bylaws language • letters to physicians

CPRLI provides more than just a monthly publication.

Check out all the additional benefits a subscription offers, at no additional charge:

• FREE, fully searchable online access
Browse through every electronic issue of CPRLI with an easy-to-use online account. It’s a permanent feature of your subscription, and it’s absolutely free!

• Credentialing Resource Center Insider E-Newsletter
This free weekly e-newsletter delivers the latest news, tips, and strategies in credentialing and privileging from experts in the field.

• HCPro News Alert
E-mail updates on breaking news that just can’t wait until the next issue.

• Medical Staff Talk
Connect with other credentialing professionals who regularly share policies, forms, and privileging criteria and provide feedback on pressing questions in this active online chat group.

• Practical, adaptable sample tools
CPRLI offers field-tested policies, procedures, physician contracts, and bylaws language you can use as models for your own.

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